The devil in Paris is the devil in me

Walking to Listen

For many of us (especially those of us who are some combination of white, suburban-raised, and male), it’s easy to think of violence as a distant and alien phenomenon. It is shootings and muggings and bombings. It happens in bad neighborhoods far from our own, or in the hills of some foreign land, or in a city across the sea. We are connected to it only by the headlines, it seems. Or maybe we have experienced it firsthand, some obvious form of violence, but even then, we’d like to conceive of it as an anomalous blip in an otherwise violence-free existence. A freak accident. “Violence is not my story,” the thinking goes. “I am neither victim nor executioner. I’m just, you know, not a part of it.”

I thought this way for a long time. Still do, when I’m not paying attention. I’ve only recently begun to explore the startling truth: that not only…

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‘The One Who Gives Birth to Herself’: Rachel Syme on Empowerment and Agency Through Posting Selfies


It’s difficult to select just one perfect quote as a representative sample of Rachel Syme’s excellent ode to the selfie, at Matter. She comes at the subject from so many smart angles that there are too many to choose from. A prolific self-portrait poster herself, Syme defends this hugely popular phenomenon–so frequently derided as narcissistic and shallow, especially in reference to women–as a respectable act of self-expression and self-determination:

We are living in times of peak-selfie, and therefore, peak selfie-hatred. When a phenomenon leaks so completely and quickly into the cultural water supply, people are bound to get freaked out…

Those who see selfies as signs of the end times are focusing on the outliers; the bad actors. The people who accidentally fall into a waterfall and die in the pursuit of the perfect shot. The kids who get addicted to the digital feedback loop and start relying…

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19 Insanely Delicious NYC Breakfasts For When You’re Hungover

Healthy Food & Recipes

AKA ?weekend plans?.

French Toast Grilled Cheese at Shopsin’s

French Toast Grilled Cheese at Shopsin's

Listen up, people. THIS IS A FRENCH TOAST GRILLED CHEESE. Shopsin’s is a cult NYC favorite, and this is only part of the reason why. Their menu is by far the largest and most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. You could go here every morning for the rest of your life and never have the same thing twice.

Egg and Cheese on a Roll at literally any bodega

Egg and Cheese on a Roll at literally any bodega

I know that some people swear one bodega has a better sandwich than another place, but tbh when I’m hungover literally the last thing I want to do is Google “best egg and cheese on a roll”. Instead I will stumble to the nearest bodegs to get my fix. ANYTHING WILL DO. Always ask for hot sauce.

Dutch Baby Pancake with Maple Syrup at Prune


Sometimes this comes with a…

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Coexisting With the Void: Simone Gorrindo on Chronic Pain


Consistent, long-term pain, the kind that (Toni) Morrison suffers in her back—and that keeps her from standing for longer than six minutes—allows for a steady stream of thoughts, a ruthless spinning of the mind.

To our minds, this spinning feels akin to accomplishing something, I think. If we can’t tend to our lives in the physical realm, the mind kicks in double-time, and this weekend, my husband away at an Army training for the month, I’ve spent the hours in my bed accomplishing the task of going over errors big and small. I check them off like items on a to-do list: ways I’ve burdened my husband with impossible expectations; friends I’ve failed to call back; writing assignments I’ve left unfinished; jobs I’ve quit or underperformed at; bad impressions I’ve made; ambitions I’ve curtailed—all the ways I’ve failed to live a life I envisioned. These are the kind of terrifically…

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