Oversharing verses Authenticity: A Memoir-Blogger’s Dilemma

Kelsey L. Munger

lightstock_132881_medium_user_3645479When you’re a memoir blogger, someone who packages up your personal stories into bite-sized chunks for public consumption, finding the tightrope wire between authenticity and oversharing can be a near-daily challenge. Nadia Bolz-Webber, author and Lutheran (ELCA) pastor, says that we should speak from our scars not from our wounds. And that has been one of the single-most helpful pieces of memoir-writing, personal-story-sharing advice I’ve ever been given.

Wound-writing is important. I’ve found that when I write from a wound, something that still stings and aches like hell, I’m able to heal a little more. It’s a way of saying goodbye just a little more to that story or situation or doctrine that has caused so much pain. It’s a way of making it feel a little more past tense. It feels a little less raw after I write it all out. It stops bleeding a little bit more.


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